Learn Elixir | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this best for?

    If you want to master Elixir, in a relatively short period of time, from one centralized platform, to reach your goal (deploying a personal project, leveling up your career, etc), we are absolutely perfect for you!

  • Who is this not good for?

    If you’re a hobbyist and only want to dabble with the language because it’s interesting, we may not be the best fit for you. You could likely spend the next 3 - 5 years of trial & error troubleshooting to brute force your way into learning Elixir at an intermediate level without needing to make any investments into your education.

  • I don’t have very much experience, should I still take this?

    While we don’t teach the fundamentals of programming, we do teach the fundamentals of Elixir. You can begin with little to no experience with Elixir whatsoever and by the end, have the knowledge base of a senior Elixir developer (just without the work experience) but we do recommend you have at least 1-years experience programming with any language before starting with us.

  • Is this an online course or a bootcamp?

    Both! We're a Course BootCamp hybrid, a CourseCamp. Recorded content is 50% of the value and the live coaching sessions are the other 50%. Us helping you find work with Elixir afterward is just a bonus!

  • Why isn't the pricing closer to what I expected?

    Some people expect a quick online course priced around $50 - $500. Others expect a bootcamp priced around $10,000 - $30,000. Truth is we're a bit of both, smack dab in the middle.

  • Will you help me find work with Elixir afterward?

    Absolutely, this is one of the cornerstones of our program. You can have your new skillset pay for itself before you’re even done paying for it. How’s that for a quick turnaround on your ROI!

  • How do you help me find work or get prepared for interviews?

    Talented Elixir developers are in high demand and we’re building a reputation for producing high-quality programmers in the Elixir community.

    We can show you how to dress up your LinkedIn, Resume, & GitHub, introduce you to our hiring partners, show you the best places to find work, offer interview coaching & mock technical interviews, and a whole lot more!

    Essentially, we do everything in our power to give you your best possible chances to stand out as the obvious candidate head and shoulders above the rest.

  • How much does a typical Elixir developer earn in a year?

    In the course of your career as an Elixir developer expect to earn an annual salary anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000. Naturally, this broad range is dependent on previous experience, expertise, and location with the US paying the highest.

  • Can I find remote work?

    The vast majority of Elixir opportunities are posted as remote because it has been difficult for companies to find competent talent just around the corner.

  • What is your success ratio in helping people find work with Elixir?

    We’re comfortable recommending people for positions once they are passed the midterm project and so far, 100% of the career-oriented individuals passed that point have been able to find employment programming Elixir.

  • How do I reap a return on my investment?

    At full price, $500/mo for 12-mo, you would need to increase your annual salary by $6,000 a year to achieve a return on your investment in the first year and then permanently reap the rewards each year thereafter.

  • Why do I get a built-in discount for choosing a shorter payment plan?

    Rather than make every option $6000, we decided to incentivize those who are able to make larger investments upfront with a scaling discount, that way, we have more operating capital to grow and expand our services at a faster rate.

  • What happens if I miss or have to pause my monthly investments?

    Sometimes life gets in the way, we get it. While we can’t give away our time and energy for free we urge you to connect with Jeremy and we’ll try our best to accomodate your circumstance.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, we have a 30-day, no questions asked, full refund policy. After 30 days, we can still cancel any future installments but do not offer a refund on previous instalments.

  • Why can’t I purchase any one lesson separately?

    Sometimes a developer needs to unlearn bad habits before they can begin best practices.

  • Is it self-paced?

    Since ours is a Lifetime Membership you’ll have the same access to everything on year 10 as you would day 1 so you can progress as quickly or as slowly as your schedule allows.

  • How long does it take to go through the whole program?

    The good news is, you can progress as quickly or slowly as your schedule allows since everything is self-paced. That being said, time frames vary depending on your previous experience but if you're able to put in about an hour a day, we estimate that you should be able to pass the midterm project and become job-ready within roughly 12 weeks.

  • Is there an accountability failsafe?

    Some people like to have an extra kick in the pants to keep progressing every day. To stay on top of your studies there are a number of ways to keep Learn Elixir top of mind: match up with an accountability buddy; weekly progress email reminders; weekly live coaching sessions; community chat notifications; personal messages of encouragement from Co-Founder Jeremy Graham.

  • Can I start a Free Preview to try it out first?

    Absolutely, in fact, we encourage it! Start your Free Preview here.

  • What does Lifetime Membership really mean?

    Exactly what it sounds like; course content, private Slack channel, live coaching sessions, everything in our offer will always be available to you once you start with any of the pricing options available.

  • How do I reach out if I need help?

    Mika will be your go-to guy for all things Elixir and can be reached via Slack or during the weekly live coaching sessions. You can also engage with our community in the private Slack channel in the Elixir workspace as a lot of the senior developers enjoy helping the more junior ones.

  • What is covered in the live coaching sessions?

    Every Wednesday at 12:00-noon pacific time, Mika will be on Zoom to answer anyone's questions, about anything. Since this time is driven by its members, the direction and destination are up to you!

  • Do I have to attend the weekly live coaching sessions?

    No, you do not, this is a resource purely available to attend at your leisure.

  • Are there any code reviews?

    To ensure best practices, all assignments and projects require you to pass a code review with 100%. Any less, and feedback will be provided to ensure a production level quality of code each step of the way.

  • Can I build my own personal project as a part of the curriculum?

    As long as you’re able to establish that you’ve learned everything in the prior levels, as seen in these videos, we love it when people bring their own creativity to the curriculum, it’s an absolute win-win.

  • Do you provide suggestions on what to build for the midterm and final projects?

    If you don’t already have an idea in mind we provide recommendations in our midterm project prep video or you can connect with Mika on Slack or in the weekly live coaching session to brainstorm ideas.

  • Do you update content?

    If a video becomes outdated because something fundamental has changed with Elixir we will absolutely update our material.

  • Are you going to come out with new content?

    As Elixir becomes world-class in new environments like blockchain, AI, LiveView, etc, we will be creating new content to remain at the forefront of technology.

  • Do you teach LiveView?

    We know LiveView, have used it ourselves and like it, it's cool to play with. We can offer guidance/advice via Slack or during the weekly live coaching sessions but we haven't created any content for it yet for a couple of reasons 1.) It is still in beta and evolving rapidly so content can quickly become outdated or irrelevant. 2.) It can be quite costly to scale LiveView in production and so it hasn’t become fully commercially adopted yet.

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