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Underpaid, Overworked, Oversaturated

How did you first learn to program? Were you self taught or did you go through a bootcamp? By your best estimates, how many others join the workforce each year either by their own volition or from bootcamps knowing the same languages you program with?

There's a folder of unread resumes in every hiring manager’s inbox all waiting for the same reply. Therefore salaries are low, overtime is expected, working conditions are unbearable, and you've reached your limit. On top of that, someone somewhere who's been unemployed for the last few months would be happy to tolerate the circumstances, and the cycle repeats

What would increase your standard of living? Want to work from home? Travel and work? A raise? The power of choice is in the hands of the specialist.

If you are one of only a handful of people who are qualified and available to solve a company's unique and interesting problem in a timely manner, you gain the flexibility to make reasonable demands!

How to Learn a New Programing Language FAST

Mastery comes from knowledge, wisdom, and experience through the 4 levels of learning

Unconscious Incompetence

You don’t know what you don’t know

Conscious Incompetence

You know what you don’t know. You can see your shortcomings and understand where you need to improve

Conscious Competence

You know what you know. You are starting to get the hang of things but it still takes effort and concentration

Unconscious Competence

You don’t know what you know You’ve min/maxed every stat and can only improve your technique; you’re excellent on autopilot


Theory, information, and facts are the cognitive resources or building blocks towards the practical understanding of a subject

Consolidated Resources

See the big picture from day one rather than searching each topic one by one and piecing it together over the years


Course material covers all the fundamental paradigms and philosophies you need to be a talented Elixir developer

Self Paced

Watch videos or read the transcripts as quickly or slowly as your schedule allows. Strategically compound your capabilities with each week of content building off the last


Only take advice from people who have the knowledge you want and you’ll learn sooner than you’d expect