Learn Elixir | Methodology - Curriculum

Curated Content

A full spectrum end-to-end service designed to help you master Elixir.


If you’ve been programming any language for over a year (OOP or FP) and are certain Elixir is the next language you want to master, we can help. This program is designed in a goal-oriented manner to help people of differing experience levels reach their personal goals programming Elixir.

100% Coverage

Course content covers all the fundamental paradigms and philosophies you need to be a talented Elixir developer. From beginner, intermediate, to advanced you’ll learn how to leverage Elixir’s world-class performance from someone who’s scaled users into the 100’s of millions.

Consolidated Resources

See the big picture from day one; with everything in one place you won’t need to research each individual topic and over the years piece together what may or may not be best practices.



With 132 videos in total (transcripts and audios also available) you can progress as quickly or slowly as your schedule allows. Examples and explanations will detail best practices on a wide range of topics (see Course Content).

Structured Learning Environment

Strategically compound your capabilities with each week of content building off the last. Throughout the course, complete 30 comprehension quizzes and upload a total of 9 assignments for code review.


Prove your real-world understanding of the language by completing both the midterm and final projects to demonstrate your production-level quality of code. We can provide suggestions on what to build but you can also bring your own creativity whether you’re working on a startup, migrating a code base, or have an app idea you think has potential, we can work together to make sure it’s done right.