Learn Elixir | Methodology - Mentorship


A full spectrum end-to-end service designed to help you master Elixir.

Speed Run

Save years of trial and error and prevent the pitfalls of bad programming habits that plague self-taught developers. Helpful and harmful resources are abundantly available but knowing which is which can be a daunting task that can only cost you time.


This is not just a series of miscellaneous videos and exercises; we don’t want to just talk at you and hope you figure it out; we want to connect with you and listen to you. Your success is our success.

Expert Mode

Only take advice from somebody who has what you want. Need to learn how to properly scale an application to 100 million concurrent users or ask for a 250k salary working from home? If we’ve done it we’ll share how and be the first to admit if we’re in unchartered territory.

Live Coaching

Join our weekly Q&A calls to deep dive into complex concepts and see how experienced Elixir developers would understand or solve your particular situation. This time is entirely directed by members and is your opportunity to solve your specific problem whatever it may be.


Join our private Slack channel in the Elixir workspace to connect with like-minded individuals, ask for help, or collaborate on an idea. You can also message mentors directly if you’re feeling stuck on a quiz/assignment and wanted quick clarification rather than waiting for the next call.

Coaching not Carrying

We can offer advice and guidance, show you how we would do things or think about a problem but at the end of the day, we cannot do the work for you nor should you want us to.