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High Income Oppourtunities

A full spectrum end-to-end service designed to help you master Elixir.

Industry Experience

Never fail a technical interview again. Connect with mentors and our growing community for references, referrals, and advice to get an advantage over all other Elixir applicants. Soft skills, hard skills, where to look, who to talk to, what to negotiate for - stand out as the obvious candidate.

Learn Elixir Certificate of Excellence

Complete our program in full to join the ranks of successful Elixir developers and the standard of quality companies rely on when hiring. Staring salaries for junior positions have ranged from $80k - $120k depending on experience but again, we cannot do the work for you or guarantee that the first company you apply to will hire you; we provide you with the skills and a foot in the door for the best possible odds of you landing your ideal position.

Angel Investment

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