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Why Should You Learn Elixir?

"90% of Internet traffic goes through Erlang-based nodes."

- Johan Bevemyr

Johan has been developing Erlang based systems at various companies including Ericsson, Bluetail, Nortel Networks, Klarna, Tail-f and Cisco since 1997. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Uppsala University.

Learning a new programming language is quite a commitment, and Elixir is poised for the long-term growth of your career.


Exciting Projects

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications such as WhatsApp, Pinterest, Discord…etc.

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High Demand

Stack Overflow’s 2021 survey placed Elixir as the 3rd highest paid language globally and 4th most loved!

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Industry Training

Be sought after or retained by companies by separating yourself from the generalists as a specialist in your field.

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What’s Your Reason For Wanting To Learn Elixir?

Whether your goal is to deploy a personal project or take your career to the next level, we’re here to help.

Dev Desk

Real World Applications

A self-paced structured learning environment designed to teach you the best practices of a production-level quality of code.








Major Projects



Spend less time guessing. Complete the feedback loop and connect with an Elixir expert every week.

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Practice the fundamentals and perfect your syntax; shift paradigms to functional programming.

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Architect JSON API’s backed with SQL databases.

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Learn how to properly go distributed and scale with Elixir unlocking its greatest powers, fault-tolerance & concurrency.

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Our Team

Starting as a development agency in 2019 and unable to hire quality talent, we quickly saw a gap in the educational space and have been adding value to our offer ever since.


Mika Kalathil


Mika has been a member of the Elixir community since the beginning and often learned directly from the core team when documentation was sparse. After working as a senior Elixir developer for several years Mika began to notice a repetition of fundamental flaws or gaps of knowledge when reviewing others’ code for deployment, hiring, or consulting purposes. After identifying an obvious need in the community, he decided to create Learn Elixir and serve developers throughout their careers in a manner he wished he had.


Jeremy Graham


Jeremy has worked in sales and business development all his life and is likely to be the first person you talk to at Learn Elixir. He’s noticed the rise in popularity and appreciation for Elixir over the years and is thrilled to be contributing to the community in his own way. As the language transitions from niche to mainstream, he is determined to do whatever it takes to help your career while creating a centralized standard of excellence companies can trust.


Kurt Hogarth


Kurt is a Creative Technologist coming from GiantSpoon (LA) and Blitz. After working with various frameworks and languages over the years he grew to love how easy it was to build concurrent and parallel applications using Elixir. He has a passion for mentoring and his mission has been to demystify and inform others about the benefits of Elixir's process-oriented programming language. With OTP, Elixir's experience really emerges, and he likes to build and share cool things that takes advantage of the richness of the language.