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The Dangers of GenServers in Elixir


In this article, we outline some of the technical details of GenServers in Elixir, which is used to serve a large multitude of people with high speed. This is a deep dive into GenServers and discovering their limitations and strengths.

The Many uses of Elixir's Task Module


The Elixir Task module has many uses, in this article we explore how to use the Task module and the ways it can both speed up application and help us create simpler code and architecture

Creating Reusable Ecto Code in Elixir


Ecto is a wonderful system to interface with our database from within Elixir, in this post we explore how we can structure our Ecto code to create a reusable API that we can continue to grow and combine in new ways as our application continues to grow in size/complexity

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Hacky Hot Code Reloading in Elixir


Hot code reloading in Elixir provides some amazing benefits since we can reload our code in production without bringing down the server. However it's often seen as complicated and hard to use. What if there was an easy way to get a module into production? This article explores that possibility